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Equine Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen TherapyDoes your horse have a specific problem, or do feel that your horse is just “not quite right”? Have you (or your horse!) experienced other treatments you felt were too invasive? Has the horse undergone treatment which hasn’t got to the root of the problem? Do you have a veteran who is starting to show their age? Would you just like your horse to experience a deeply relaxing treatment which is beneficial to his overall wellbeing? Are you a rider with a bad back, who may be influencing the horse’s way of going? If the answer to any of these is yes, read on!

Although your horse does not need to have anything “wrong” to benefit from Bowen, the following equine conditions may respond well to Equine Bowen Therapy:

- Unlevelness, disunited gait or irregular action
- Uneven wear of shoes
- Muscle atrophy or uneven muscle development
- General stiffness, or stiffness on one rein
- ‘Cold’ or sore back
- Sluggish lymphatic system or weakened immune system
- Uncharacteristic change of temperament
- Deterioration of performance
- Horse exhibiting a “bad” attitude
- Reluctance to stride out
- Difficult to shoe
- Pain relief in support of laminitics

Horses can injure their backs by getting cast, pulling back when tied up, slipping on tarmac or icy roads, having an accident in the field or when travelling, and from poorly fitting saddles or rugs. They can become stiff due to old age, enforced box rest, or lack of turnout. A structurally unbalanced rider can also create a sore horse.  Last time you or the horse had a fall – did you get yourselves rebalanced ?  

Bowen can release muscle spasm and tension, assist in recovery from injury, help to maintain soundness and improve suppleness. You may notice more elevation in your horse’s stride, by freeing the shoulder, and more power from his hindquarters. It can provide a new lease of life for older horses, retired due to stiffness or other reasons.

Holistic therapy for horse and rider

By using Bowen to address muscular stiffness or imbalance in the horse and the rider, the horse is allowed to perform at his best. Any correction of a horse’s problem may not hold if the rider is causing reinjury through crookedness or poor posture. Bowen for riders can reduce the likelihood of injury, improve the position in the saddle through postural awareness and can enable the body to absorb shock and cope with trauma in the event of a fall.

Equine treatments are £50 per horse per visit, including travel within a 15 mile radius.

Please note that treatment will require the consent of your vet.


Lynne Barrett, Bowen therapist in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy and Bowen describe the light touch therapy devised by Tom Bowen in Australia. Bowen Therapy is holistic, treating the whole patient, not just symptoms and has been reported to be effective for symptoms such as low back pain, sciatica, headache, migraine, asthma, shoulder pain, neck problems, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, RSI and other musculo-skeletal problems. Bowen Therapy can often have a relaxing effect which may help people suffering from tension or stress syndromes.

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